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Maggie Roland Associates, Inc. has an integrated knowledge base formed upon years of experience in Title, Escrow, and Bureau of Real Estate filings.  Taking a proactive, involved approach to your project, we will watch your timings, help you protect your entitlements in recorded documents, unravel complex development projects and communicate with all vested parties to ensure a timely and successful venture.   

Bureau of Real Estate


Since 1979, Maggie Roland has cultivated experience in this niche area of specialization. Because of her reputation for integrity, detail, and thoroughness, she has fostered a great working relationship with the Bureau of Real Estate.  

We handle the the entire DRE submittal process, from the beginning of your project through Final Public Report issuance.  We continue to track your property for any Amendments and Renewals that may be required from the Bureau of Real Estate to maintain your interests.

HOA Management


We provide a full range of HOA Management services to suit your needs. Basic services begin with Financial Management and basic administrative support.  We also provide Full Service management contracts with that include customized levels of Administrative Services and Property Maintenance Management.


Contact us for brochure detailing our management service packages!  

Mapping & Entitlements

By playing a central role in the mapping process, we save you precious time and money by avoiding many of the pitfalls and mistakes commonly made by developers seeking to record their Condominium Plan, Tract Map, Tentative Map, or Parcel Map.  We consult directly with your Engineers and City Planners to prevent mistakes or resolve complex mapping issues that frequently arise when dealing with Public Agencies.


With ever increasing scrutiny on Developers and Subdividers, we help you navigate this increasingly complex legal landscape.  Our knowledge of the Business & Professions Code, Civil Code, and Bureau of Real Estate Regulations, we will ensure you are informed of what is expected and needed from you for your Project with the Bureau of Real Estate.


We will coordinate with your Title Officers, Escrow Officers, Engineers, Lawyers, City, County, and State Officials from the outset to ensure that your entitlements are being protected. Our experience in mapping, condominium plans and legal documents such as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R's), Purchase-and-Sale agreements, Escrow Instructions, lien agreements, dedications, and easements, allows us to help strategize and produce documents that allows the subdivider the greatest flexibility in exercising their entitlement rights.

Legal Documents


MANAGEMENT DOCUMENTS:   Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions ("CC&R's"), Association Articles, and Bylaws.  


ESCROW:  HOA Deeds, Grant Deed to a Buyer, Purchase-and-Sale Agreements, Escrow Instructions, Irrevocable Escrow Instructions, Notice of Annexation, De-annexations.


MAPPING & OTHER ENTITLEMENTS:  Notice of Completions, Amended & Restated Condominium Plans.

HOA Budget Preparation


We will prepare for Homeowners Association Budget in substantial compliance with BRE Regulations.  This service includes:


DUE DILIGENCE:  Coordinating with Engineer(s) and Property Manager to accurately assess Operating and Reserve expenditures.


DOCUMENT PREPARATION:  RE 623 (Budget), RE 624A, RE 639, RE 622 "Existing Subdivision Disclosure Statement" - documents required as part of BRE Duplicate Budget Package submittals.


RESERVE STUDY:  We will contract or make referrals for reputable Reserve Study analysts.


PUBLIC REPORT:  We will address and correct for any Budget Deficiiences required to gain 660C Budget approval with our submittal.

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