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What We Do


We are an integrated consulting and management company that specializes in assisting developers and subdividers in their development projects.  Our services include Bureau of Real Estate document preparation and filing; Preliminary Legal document preparation;  Condominium, Parcel, and Tract Map review.   Our Sister company, MRoland Management Services, provides a full range of HOA Management services for existing or newly forming Homeowners Associations.


Taking a proactive, involved approach to your project we:


  • Monitor your timings.

  • Help protect your entitlements in recorded documents.

  • Unravel complex development projects.

  • Communicate with all vested parties to ensure a timely and successful venture.


Whether you are an experienced or novice developer, Maggie Roland Associates will negotiate the complex regulatory framework, allowing you to focus on other vital concerns, resting assured that your entitlements are protected.

Experience You Can Trust


We at Maggie Roland Associates pride ourselves on having over 30 years of industry experience in unraveling and streamlining development projects.


We have consulted and coordinated on over a thousand development projects of all scales and types.  Whether planning a small urban infill or a large-scale, multi-phased mixed-use​, we can assist you throughout the development process.  We competently address issues that can affect your entitlements for years to come. We guide you through the process in such a way as to provide you with maximum flexibility and control of your project after completion. 

With years of consulting experience, we understand all sides of a development project and each player's contribution to it.  With this sound perspective, we are perfectly positioned to assist you with complex development issues ranging from mapping, permits, entitlements, Bureau of Real Estate, easements, liens, title, escrow, or City Planning.

​​​Member since 1983

Areas of Expertise

  • Bureau of Real Estate

  • HOA Budget Preparation

  • HOA Management

  • Escrow​

  • Title Insurance

  • Parcel and Tract Maps

  • Condominium Plans

  • Management Document Preparation

  • Planned Developments & Condominiums

  • Due Diligence

  • City Cycle Issues

Contact Us


1 855 664 2705

Maggie Roland Associates, Inc.
3752 Park Blvd. Suite 701

San Diego, CA  92103



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